About Neonburn

Gregg O'Malley, Founder

Hi, I'm Gregg, the founder of Neonburn. You might be asking yourself how we got here? Well, first of all we love writing software and even more so writing software that people love to use. Our ethos is that good people will build great products.

This journey started when creating fancy/digital presentation boxes for the construction industry tendering process. When doing this we noticed that the new wave of TV devices and tablet computers are ideal for interactive digital signage, so we set out to create software for people to create amazing digital signs.

The possible uses for digital signage is endless, from bars to museums, trade shows to company dashboards. Having the ability to update all you screens using a cloud based solution makes life so much simpler. Add in the fact that you can have others take ownership through user management then the stress of using such a solution just disappeared.

We hope you enjoy using Neonburn as much as we enjoyed creating it.