About Neonburn

We are a small software business based out of Glasgow in Scotland.

Gregg O'Malley, Founder

Hi, I'm Gregg, the creator of Neonburn. You might be asking yourself why? First and foremost I wanted to create a great place to work. Bright people will build great products. This journey started creating software for presentation boxes used in the construction industry tender process. When doing this we noticed that tablet computers are ideal devices for interactive digital signage. Given this, we set out to create easy to use software that allows all business large and small to create digital signs. These signs can be used to allow businesses to draw attention to all their great offers whether it be bars displaying promotional drinks offers, museums engaging visitors with interactive displays, trade show displays, gym programmes or for use in large multi-site companies wanting to control their signage all from the one place. We hope you love using our software as much as we did creating it.

Before starting work on Neonburn I developed software for several organisations. Perhaps the software that I'm most proud of is that which is used in the National Living Donor Kidney Sharing Scheme to identify potential kidney transplants. This work was similar to research I undertook as a PhD student while at the University of Glasgow. As of 2014 the software has been used to identify over 300 potential transplants. I also created the OKI Template Manager software that can be seen in the videos on the OKI website and additionally seen in their national TV adverts.