Neonburn - straightforward, no fuss, pricing

£25 a month per screen Plus a one off hardware cost of £75 per screen

To use Neonburn you need our hardware device that plugs directly into your TV via an HDMI port (covered by the one off hardware charge) and the monthly subscription to manage your devices and store/edit your signage content.
  • pay an annual subscription and get 2 months free!
  • pay 3 years up front and get the hardware free!
  • you can have as many projects as you want
  • unlimited slides in each project
  • easy DIY installation
  • interactive signage (if you purchase a tablet rather than our TV devices)
  • rapid online support
  • internet access can be wired or wireless (wired is via an additional dongle)
  • support for corporate users behind a restrictive firewall or those that access the internet via a proxy
  • up to 2G of uploaded video and images that can be embedded in your signage