We're sure that you'll find exactly what you are looking for in our feature set below.

Easy to use

If you've ever used PowerPoint then you'll find working with our software a breeze. It takes 2 seconds to add images, text, shapes, video or even a webpage. Publishing the content to any number of screens is just a matter of clicking a button. We also offer a royalty free image search to give you some creative inspiration. Why not also add a ticker with the latest headlines or sports news. All you need is a (free) Neonburn account, a suitable Android TV box, and an internet connection.


If you would prefer to have an interactive display then we've got that taken care of. It's as easy as creating a non-interactive sign. You simply add text/images/shapes as you would do in a normal sign then attach an action to perform when a user interacts with these components. This is useful for things such as an interactive product explorer, interactive catalogue, or a tourist information browser, all this with the advantage of being able to regularly update the information at any time in an instant from our cloud based solution.

Multi-user support

Do you require specific people to be in charge of updating the content on a screen? Then you will love our multi user support. This can be as fine grained as you like: give a particular user the ability to update a project or even an individual slide in a project, ensure that changes made by other users are moderated before being published, allow a user to update content but not publish it, plus much much more

Multi screen tools

Do you want to share content from a global template that when updated is applied to all screens but also allow local content updates that only change on a particular screen or screens? Then our project linking/sharing feature is exactly what you need.

An example of its use is in the hospitality trade. You may want to display promotions that are relevant to all your properties but would also like a local manager to be able to add information that is only relevant to their particular property - so global drink promotions with local live music event.

Auto updates

Never be left with out of date software, and all the inherent risks that goes with it. When you push new content to your screen if we have a new version of our software available then each screen will also install the latest version of the software, no user interaction at all!

Restrictive network support

Our software is already used in government and education where there are heavy restrictions on network traffic. We provide a wealth of settings for things such as SSL interception, custom NTP servers, and content updates via polling rather than push notifications.